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Zilant system of balanced ventilation with heat recovery (SBVHR)

Zilant decentralized controllable system of balanced ventilation with heat recovery (SBVHR) is a simple and effective solution that provides the energy-saving ventilation of apartments, separate houses, social and commercial institutions.

Trade House-Zilant LLC produces and offers two modifications of the innovative compact and decentralized system of energy-saving balanced ventilation with heat recovery (SBVHR) under “Zilant” trade mark (SBVHR 200 and SBVHR 125), which are designed for the procurement of permanent and capital repair facilities at special minimal prices.

Advantages of Zilant SBVHR:

Zilant SBVHR solves the following problems:

Too stuffy in the room

Если в помещении душно

Stagnant air cumulates the carbon dioxide, which gives you a feeling of stuffiness and lack of fresh air. The increase of carbon dioxide level negatively affects the human health (headache, fatigue etc.).

Street noise

Уличный шум

If the windows are opened you will be affected by street noise or too cold air (in winter).



There is some weakness, fatigue, drowsiness because of the lack of oxygen. Due to the standards, the normal oxygen content is to be for about 21%. However, the present-day tight windows and doors block the natural air intake.



Dust-loaded air comes into the room through opened windows.

Mouldy smell

Затхлый запах

It is caused by the lack of ventilation. The latter results in the high humidity.



Opened windows cause the drafts and intake of cold air in winter. This may lead to getting cold.

Steamy windows

Запотевание окон

Insufficient ventilation of the room is possible to lead to the high humidity, which is then condensed on the cold window surface.



Wind-borne insects, fluff and fine debris come into the room through opened window.

Fungi on walls

Грибок на стенах

High humidity leads to the wet condensation not only on windows, but also on wall papers, which later become a great medium for mold fungi growth.

Need to switch off the conditioner

Необходимость отключать кондиционер

Windows are not to be opened during conditioner operation. Opening the window, we disrupt the heat insulation of the room against the street.

SBVHR elements

Ventilating grills

The modern design of SBVHR inner grill harmoniously fits the interior of any room. The external grating is equipped with the rust-resistant canopy, which ensures the proper operation of system in case of front wind peculiar for the high-rise buildings.

Air filtration

The cleaning of incoming and extract air is carried out by two inbuilt filters of G3/G4 or F5 classes. Filters ensure the supply of fresh air, cleaned from dust, insects, pollen and microorganisms, as well as protect the elements of system from choking.


SBVHRs are equipped with five-speed axial-flow ventilators, which have the low energy consumption (from 15 to 30W). Ventilators are connected to the main with voltage of 220V. Ventilators motors have the integrated overtemperature control and ball bearings, which extend the operation time.

Extension-type air duct

Extension-type air duct of round or rectangular cross-section is made up of zinc-plated steel. Its length varies from 400 to 750mm. The external surface of air duct has the layer of pressure-sensitive foiled and foamed polyethylene that ensures the heat and sound insulation.

Пульт дистанционного управления

Remote control

Установка в сборе без лицевой решеткиInstallation without front grating Установка в сборе с лицевой решеткойInstallation with the front grating Установка в сборе с наружным ветрозащитным козырьком, вид сзадиInstallation with the external windproof canopy, back elevation
СПВВР - вид сзади с наружной погодоустойчивой решеткойSBVHR (back elevation with external weather-resistant grating) Установка СПВВР в раздвинутом состоянииInstallation of telescoped SBVHR Установка в раздвинутом состоянии с лицевой решеткойInstallation of telescoped SBVHR with front grating Воздушная заслонкаChoker valve
РекуператорRecuperator ФильтрFilter Блок управления с детектором дымаControl unit with smoke detector ВентиляторVentilator

System operation

In order to switch on the System, it is required to:

1. Apply the voltage on the switch-board.
2. Press the “MODE” button. Thereafter, the adjustable ventilating grill with electric actuator will be opened and extraction ventilator will be switched on.

There are 4 System operation modes:
1. Air intake mode. System only intakes the air.
2. Air extract mode. System only extracts the air.
3. Energy saving mode. Main operation mode. If switching on the System, it starts operating in this mode.
4. Ventilation mode.

Switching between modes is performed by pressing the “MODE” button on the control unit or remote control.

System performance (ventilator spin speed) is adjusted by pressing the “SPEED” button on the control unit or remote control.

Energy saving mode is a main operation mode, when the System alternatively works in air extract and intake modes.

Running time of System in the energy saving mode (whether it is air extract or intake) may be one of the following: 20 sec., 30 sec.; 35 sec.; 40 sec.; 50 sec., 60 sec., 70 sec., 80 sec., 90 sec.

Approximate correspondence between the outdoor temperature and running time of System, which operates in the energy saving mode (whether it is air extract or intake), is the following:

от- 40С до- 25 С: 20 секspvvr_2spvvr_1
from -40°С to -25°С : 20 sec.,
from -25°С to -20°С : 30 sec.,
from -20°С to -15°С : 35 sec.,
from -15°С to -10°С : 40 sec.,
from -10°С to -5°С : 50 sec.,
from 0°С to +5°С : 50 sec.,
from +5°С to +10°С : 60 sec.,

from +10° С to +15°С : 70 sec.,
from +15° С to +20°С : 80 sec.,
from +20° С to +25°С : 90 sec.,
from +25° С to +30°С : 60 sec.,
from +30° С to +35°С : 40 sec.,
from +35° С to +40°С : 20 sec.

System management

Control unit coordinates the work of electrical screen with reversible motor, ventilator with reversible motor and ventilators.

There are the following buttons on the control unit:
1) «OFF»
2) «TIME»
3) «SPEED»
4) «MODE»
Moreover, there are 9 indicator lamps on the control unit.

«SPEED» has 5 indicator lamps (I, II, III, IV, V), which correspond to the ventilator spin speeds of 40%, 50%, 60%, 100% of the maximum spin speed.
«MODE» has 4 indicator lamps (М1, М2, М3, М4), which correspond to 3 System operation modes and supercooling protection function.
«TIME» has 9 modes: 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 seconds. If pressing the “TIME” button, we will get the following correspondence between the indicator lamps and defined time intervals: I–20sec, M1–30 sec, II–35 sec, M2– 40 sec, III–50 sec, M3–60 sec, IV–70 sec, M4–80 sec, V–90 sec.

SBVHR operation principle


I CYCLE. The extracted warm air is removed from the room and, moving through the ceramic energy recuperator, gradually warms and humidifies it, giving up to 97% of its heat. After a while, when the ceramic recuperator is heated, the system is automatically switched to air intake mode.

II CYCLE. Fresh outdoor air, moving through the ceramic energy recuperator, is humidified and heated to the room temperature by means of heat accumulated in the recuperator. When the recuperator becomes cold, the ventilator is switched to the air extract mode again. The cycle is repeated.

spvvr_4Main indoor heat losses:
Windows, doors – up to 17%
Ventilation system – above 60%
Outer walls, roofing – up to 20%

The criterion of indoor air quality is a continual flow of clean fresh air with the adequate moisture, as well as the simultaneous removing of used air masses, which guarantees the comfort microclimate. The volume of removed air is to be the same as incoming one. To do this, the operation of intake (responsible for air intake) and extract ventilation (air masses removing) is to be coordinated by the inboard automatic equipment of ventilation system.

Balanced ventilation of rooms will refresh the air at a short period of time, creating and keeping the ideal microclimate. This means that the best ventilation is balanced one.

Main characteristics:

SBVHR weight – 8.5kg
Operating temperature range – from -40C to +50C
Energy consumption – from 15 to 30W/hour
Performance – from 40 to 180m3/hour
Inherent noise level – from 15 to 40dB
Diameter of wall hole – 200mm
Installed into the wall with thickness from 400 to 750mm
Possible special build: for wall with thickness of 350mm; for installation through recessed balcony

Savings calculation

Calculation of savings for multifamily residential building

For example, the total building area – 9000 sq.m.
Average heat energy consumed by the building during heating season – 2000Gcal
Apartment area of 100sq.m. uses – 2000*100/9000=22,2Gcal
Heat energy price – 1300RUB/Gcal*22,2=28860RUB
Thus, the savings – 28860  50% = 14430RUB/1 heating season

Calculation of savings for private house

For example, private house area – 80m2
Heating expenses – 30000RUB per season
Thus, the savings – 15000RUB per season

Comparison chart of energy saving balanced systems with heat recovery

№ п.п.Manufacturer nameProduct nameCapacityContactsConsumer price
1ООО «ГК «Citiair»Alasca C - 400 L400 cub.m./hour (495)969772882865р.
2Systemair (Sweden)Systemair VX-250TV/P 250 cub.m./hour (499) 9220667
(495) 7271749
3Aero Service LLCDaikin HRV VAM 150 FA.150 cub.m./hour (812) 3743737
(495) 2293157
4PSK LLCKomfovent Domekt Rego 250 PE-B-AC-C4180 cub.m./hour (812) 309366856450р.
5Ekoterm SPC, OmskUvrk-5050 cub.m./hour (3812) 236323
from 17000р.
6Vents LLCTwinFresh R-50-230 cub.m./hour +38 (044) 406 -36-27from 17000р.
7GC Zilant LLCSBVHR180 cub.m./hour (843) 512 -75-12from 13500р.

Характеристики СПВВР “Зилант”

1. One system for one or several rooms with the total area of up to 180m3 (for about 60 sq.m.).
2. There are the following ventilator operation modes:
– Air intake only
– Air extract only
– Energy saving mode (air intake and extract alternatively)
– Ventilation mode
– Automatic supercooling protection function
3. Cellular ceramic recuperators:
– Have the rectangular or round cross-section
– Offer the high performance index (up to 97%)
– Feature the stable properties when exposed to moisture
– Ensure the passing of air in necessary volume and with proper speed.
4. Energy consumption – from 15 to 30W/hour
5. Proper noise level – from 15 to 40dB.
Plate (paper) recuperators, rotary heat exchangers, cellular plastic recuperators

Plate recuperators are heavy. They need the frequent change of paper cartridges. Such recuperators are moisture-sensitive and costly. Their performance index is no more than 75%.

Performance specificationsRotary heat exchangers. Rotating barrel generates the additional noise. Barrel motor needs the higher energy consumption. Such type of recuperators requires the often maintenance and repair. It is costly.

Certificates :



ИСО Аминов РХ ИСО ЗИЛАНТ ИСО область применения

Заключение МЧС



Экспертное заключение к сертификату СПВВР Протокол экспертизы к экспертному закл к сертификату СПВВР Результаты испытаний к протоколу 1 06 к сертификату СПВВР Протокол 1 06 к сертификату СПВВР Сертификат СПВВР

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Images of Zilant SBVHRs installed on certain objects. Total number of such objects is no less than 270 (as of 01.10.14)

Пример установки СПВВР

Пример установки СПВВР

Пример установки СПВВР

Our organization and products (towel driers (water, electric) and SBVHR) are included into the Product catalogue of Agency on state order of Republic of Tatarstan.